The Leading African Women in Food Fellowship (LAWFF) Program

The Leading African Women in Food Fellowship (LAWFF) Program is a transformative initiative designed to empower and celebrate women leaders in the African food and agriculture sector. Over a six-month period, the program provides training, mentorship, and a supportive community for outstanding female disruptors, entrepreneurs, policymakers, chefs, trendsetters, and storytellers. LAWFF actively promotes gender equality, contributes to poverty reduction, and fosters sustainable economic growth, aligning with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Award Categories

Top Chefs in Africa

Culinary artists who, through their creativity and innovative cooking methods, are changing narratives about African food.


Create or adapt tools, models, approaches, and/or harness technology to solve challenges within the food system (e.g., inventor, researcher, product developer, intrapreneur, etc.)


Accomplished change agents who have made ground-breaking contributions to the African food ecosystem and paved the way for others.

Ecosystem Enablers

Private, public, and non-profit leaders who introduce and scale innovative products, ideas, and/or opportunities that contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive food system

Food/Beverage Narrative Changers

Story-tellers and digital media gurus that create content, experiences, or products that amplify positive changes and opportunities in the ecosystem, change global narratives and connect people to different African foods and beverages (e.g., journalist, food blogger, food stylist, curator, content creator, consumer packaged goods entrepreneur, etc.).

Fellows Testimonials

“A heartfelt gratitude cannot fully be expressed. I’m totally out of my comfort zone and ready to tackle the world. I'm looking forward to engaging and volunteering in the LAWFF for as long as I'm still breathing. Taking over the world one cup at a time.”

“Also, I have had food businesses in Dar Es Salaam start reaching out to me for paid promotions after seeing my Dar Es Salaam food tour posts. I have left, but the fact that I got people to start reaching out to me is amazing.”

“Thank you, ladies, for making our stay in Tanzania. Thank you, Ndidi for all you do and still doing for us. I was able to pitch to several people with confidence before we left Tanzania, and you made it happen. We shall keep the flag flying higher. Thank you to everyone behind the scenes. Your impact is well appreciated.”

Impact Documentary Video