2023 Leading African women in Food Fellowship (LAWFF) Program

The Leading African Women in Food Fellowship is an ambitious program aimed at supporting changemakers who are making outstanding contributions/impact in the African food ecosystem. This initiative amplifies, celebrates, champions, and advances the work of these female food changemakers.

Amaka Chukwudum

Amaka Chukwudum is a passionate organic farmer and the visionary behind Amicable Mondiale Farms. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in English Education from Abia State University, Nigeria, and has received training in Agricultural Sustainability from the Business School, Netherlands. 

Amaka's six-year experience as a lead customer service personnel in a prominent new-generation bank in Nigeria shaped her journey and provided valuable insights. During her tenure as an operations manager at a top logistics company, she began immersing herself in farming, conducting extensive research to quench her curiosity about agriculture. Motivated by unwavering visions and guided by inspiring mentorship, she decided to break free from the confines of the corporate world and embrace the promise of agriculture. This transition earned her the proud title of "The Unrepentant Farmer." 

Amicable Mondiale Farms is a company that specializes in both crop farming and animal husbandry. Its exceptional success in exporting commodities includes hardwood industrial charcoal, hibiscus, processed snails, dried split ginger, processed periwinkles, dried bush meat, palm oil, tiger nuts, melon seeds, and soybeans. Furthermore, Amicable Mondiale has gained recognition for its local production of organic pesticides, poultry and bird medications, honey, and stevia—a natural sweetener 300 times sweeter than sugar, with zero calories. 

Amaka also cultivates a wide variety of exotic vegetables and offers hybrid seedlings for sale. She has successfully established over 350 farms across different states in Nigeria and has made significant strides in training over 3700 women and youths in rural and urban areas across Nigeria. 

A prolific author, Amaka has written numerous books on various agricultural topics. "Gold in the Bush," her book on snail farming, has gained widespread recognition within the country. As a respected advocate for organic farming and the leader of the Eat Right Initiative, she provides consultancy services to organizations in Nigeria and internationally. Amaka serves as the president of the Organic Dynasty for African Agro-Investors. Her contributions to agriculture have earned her numerous excellence awards and accolades in the field.


Amicable Mondiale Farms