2023 Leading African women in Food Fellowship (LAWFF) Program

The Leading African Women in Food Fellowship is an ambitious program aimed at supporting changemakers who are making outstanding contributions/impact in the African food ecosystem. This initiative amplifies, celebrates, champions, and advances the work of these female food changemakers.

Chantelle De Bruyn

Chantelle de Bruyn is an accomplished social and healthcare entrepreneur who is revolutionizing the agribusiness industry through her innovative venture, Buttercup Farmhouse. 

With a keen focus on product development and specialized crop production, Chantelle has garnered numerous accolades for her innovative approach. She has been honored as the 2022 Top Youth Agro Processor by the National Department of Agriculture, recognized for her Most Innovative Product by the Cwena Network in 2022, and crowned the 2021/2022 Overall Winner in Business of the Year by Action Coach, amongst many others. 

Drawing from her 13-year experience in the African entrepreneurial landscape, Chantelle has amassed valuable expertise in research and development, holding leadership roles in various Chambers of Commerce and spearheading food development Agritech ventures. Her impressive journey has been shaped by participation in esteemed national and international entrepreneurship development programs, enabling her to establish the Buttercup Farmhouse brand and gain global recognition. 

Motivated by a drive to become a global leader in producing exceptional organic vegetable coffee, Chantelle has partnered with the University of Free State in South Africa to make her vision a reality. She has been featured in prominent South African publications and USA Embassy newsletters, showcasing her remarkable achievements and contributions to her field.


Buttercup Farmhouse




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