2023 Leading African women in Food Fellowship (LAWFF) Program

The Leading African Women in Food Fellowship is an ambitious program aimed at supporting changemakers who are making outstanding contributions/impact in the African food ecosystem. This initiative amplifies, celebrates, champions, and advances the work of these female food changemakers.

Halima Zawiya

Halima Zawiya, a dynamic 26-year-old from Kano, Nigeria, is a passionate self-taught chef, culinary artist, book author, brand influencer, and certified agronomist. She is the driving force behind Chef HalimaZ Kitchen Culinary School, which has successfully graduated thousands of students both online and offline since its establishment in 2015. 

Halima's journey in agriculture began at a young age, starting with poultry farming at age 8. She went on to study agriculture as her first degree and delved into large-scale farming during her third year of university. Cultivating over 8 hectares annually, she focused on food crops such as rice, wheat, and vegetables. In 2017, she published her first recipe book, "Starters and Sides." 

Recognized for her expertise, Halima has made numerous appearances on TV and radio shows, sharing her culinary and agricultural knowledge. As a content creator, she has collaborated with renowned brands such as Maggi Nigeria, Golden Morn, Peak Milk, Maltina, Blueband, and Quaker Oats. Halima proudly serves as a brand delegate for Maggi Nigeria. 

In addition to her culinary achievements, Halima has been invited to speak at prestigious events such as TEDx BUK, the Ekiti Youth Connect, the United Kingdom Muslim Association, and others. She has been honored with awards, including a humanitarian award from Nassarawa Children's Home and Kano Correctional Home, the Young Women's Entrepreneur of the Year award from Nassarawa Local Government Office in 2020, and recognition from the Arewa Rice Farmers Association for her contributions to national food security. In 2022, she was awarded the Most Outstanding Female Agronomist in Nigeria by the Young Achievers Group. 

Halima currently serves as the Vice President of Abure Rice, a sub-brand of Abure Worldwide Synergy Limited. She is the founder of Halima Zawiya Farms Limited and the CEO of The Noodle Bar, a mobile restaurant.


The Noodle Bar | Halima Zawiya Farms Limited